Vive la France!

In honour of Bastille Day and a highly likely World Cup victory, we will be doing a dark French Roast this weekend. We will also do our other single-origin medium and dark roasts. A wonderful cold, wet, winter's weekend lies ahead and our fires will be burning for the...

Find us at Elgin Railway Market

Many thanks to the founder of the Elgin Railway Market, Roger Orpen. Thanks to his vision and support we were able to realise a lifelong dream. The map below shows you where to find the Elgin Railway Market. You can also click on the image to view the map...

Today we launch Pater Tom Coffee.

A distant dream became reality.  The understanding and vision of the founder of the Elgin Railway Market (Roger Orpen) allowed me the opportunity to realise that dream. Oupa Tommie, a visionary of legendary proportions himself, salutes Roger with a cup of strong,...

The Legacy of The Legendary Roaster!

Welcome to Pater Tom Coffee! Single Origin Coffee Beans Hand Roasted in an antique cast iron cauldron over an open fire until beautifully dark and shiny. Exactly like my grandfather (Oupa Tommie) used to do it. This is the way he taught me to respect and love coffee...

About Pater Tom Coffee

Watching Oupa Tommie savour his freshly hand-roasted coffee and then waiting to be offered a sip of it from his saucer, instilled a deep and passionate love for coffee. That taste is what we’d like to share with you.

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09 AM – 06 PM

Elgin Railway Market

SHOP 27, 127 Oak Avenue



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